1. Adithyansm

    Watching video in chrome or any chromium-based browser is very laggy.

    Why watching a youtube video or any other video in a chromium-based browser in Linux is lagging. I am dual-booting Windows and Linux and I like Linux very much than windows but watching video is not very comfortable in Linux it is very stiff and very hang. Can anybody tell me how to solve the...
  2. M

    Chromecast x Chromium

    Hello. I recently bought a shield tv pro it can also chromecast. I have already tested on windows it works completely but when I open on debain chromium and on stream then desktop then comes an error on the tv something opens and closes directly does anyone have an idea how it could work?
  3. S

    Enable doh chrome

    hi, Can someone explain to me how do i enable Doh protocol in chromium? I saw that in Settings there is no option of 'Use secure DNS' to "costume to Cloudflare(" (or if I need to do it in terminal?) thank you!
  4. K

    Combining user & password data from 3 browsers -possible?

    I've spent over 10 hours trying to get this to work and have had to come here to try to find answers. Sorry for the lang post, but I'm at my wit's end! I have been having a terrible time with my system going corrupt every 2-4 months. It was rock solid for 4+ years then it just started...