command line

  1. E

    Linux installation error

    I'm new to Linux, and I'm trying to install some packages for machine learning. I'm using NVIDIA Jetson TX2, and have had no problems installing packages like TensorFlow and whatnot. However, I'm currently trying to install something called Keras, and when I enter `pip install keras` or `sudo -H...
  2. blueray

    Text Above and Bellow Selected Lines

    I am using Geany. These is a option Edit > Format > Send Selected To > Set Custom Commands Here, for example if I want to sort selected text, I just use sort command. What I want this (Set Custom Commands) to do is put .... above and bellow my selected line/s. For Example if I select the...
  3. Nemesis

    mv command exist with code 0, even if it falls..

    I'm currently writing a script to rename a file (by using the mv command) However, when the move fails, due to file already exist, the mv command exist with code 0 If I'm pressing ctrl-c, I will get exit code 130.. Is mv supposed to behave like this? How why, I'm confused.. Isn't there anyway...
  4. SBlackLinux

    LPIC-1 Exercise Question on Libraries

    Hi all. New to the forum and a bit of a newbie, but trying to learn. I have searched for an answer but haven't found one, so hoping someone can assist. The Dynamic Libraries chapter in Tuxcademy's LPIC-1 manual has the following exercise: "Find a statically-linked executable on your system."...
  5. P

    naming custom shell command

    I have a custom shell that i am implementing. I am trying to keep the commands for that shell close to what people are used to for a normal linux shell. I am having a hard time finding any naming convention style guide, so i am seeking assistance here. I want to list all the toys associated...
  6. D

    Remote control a linux machine, via terminal

    Hey, I made two python programs, in two different computers, that uses sockets to communicate between the two computers. Then, I wanted to execute a terminal command at the client program and the command it self will be sent from the remote controller program, then the client will send the...
  7. L

    Problem with MAC spoofing

    Hi everyone, I'm writing because I'm a rookie with GNU Linux and I got this problem: If i write this commands: sudo ifconfig <interface> down sudo macchanger -r <interface> sudo ifconfig <interface> up then, I can't surf the net... If anyone could help me with this problem, I'd be very...
  8. A

    nnn - the missing terminal file browser for X

    This post is a shameless attempt to introduce nnn - I've been writing `nnn` for a year and it's stable now. Available on several distros and each release comes with cooked packages for multiple distros. `nnn` runs on Linux, OS X, Raspberry Pi, Cygwin, Linux...
  9. Alboy1975

    Complete linux noobie, ordered secondhand laptop (what i need to know)

    Hi I am awaiting delivery of the below laptop, which I've picked up for £170: I have been around computers most of my...
  10. blackneos940

    openSUSE Qt5: QtWidgets: No Such File Or Directory.....? :3

    Hello everyone!..... ^^ I had ungodly amounts of Mountain Dew today, and I decided to take a crack at compiling JasKinasis' Qt Programs under openSUSE, which I just installed last night..... :) What Package/step am I missing.....? :< I tried: qmake -project; qmake; make; , and I even...
  11. Tobby P

    Domain specific language best practices

    I’m discussing usage of DSL (domain specific language) in security tools with my colleagues. We haven't been able to reach an agreement over naming conventions. There are many tools using DSL: splunk, sumologic, elasticsearch and etc. But what are the best practices? So for example how would...
  12. D

    Installing Telegram on Ubuntu 17.04 (32bit)

    Hello, Linux folks! I've been using Ubuntu for several years at the office but have primarily been using it for web-based things, typing up work reports, etc. It's only in recent months I've been trying to learn how to use the command line, move beyond Ubuntu Software center, and so on. Today...
  13. A

    Command Going Wrong

    I Run command on my Godaddy Server via SSh sudo chown -R Amirvbase / after that they hiding all detail from my access and unable to connect via putty how I handle to return back to my previous work?
  14. Rob

    Video: Getting around in Linux (command line)

    Probably one of the things that scares most new users is being able to get around within Linux on the command line. You know, changing directories, finding out where you are currently, etc.. This all comes over time. Hopefully, this video will help shed some light on it. Maybe try to follow...
  15. Rob

    MySQL administration via command line

    When using MySQL on a Linux server, you'll no doubt come into a situation where you'll want to manipulate something via command line. Some of you will have tools like PHPMyAdmin installed, but you should always know a way to do things via command line. By the way, these examples will also work...
  16. K

    Creating Automatic Tasks

    I want to create a task that opens some apps automatically when I log in to my PC every time. How can I accomplish this??
  17. R

    locate command on Ubuntu 14.04

    Hello all Linuxers who are not so advanced in the knowledge as to be unable to communicate with someone with little old me, who has such rudimentary knowledge he doesn't know what a tarball is. I am stuck using the locate command, which I was learning about from a tutorial on youtube. It...