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  1. F

    Cannot copy large amount of files from iMac to SAMBA

    Hello, a few days ago i installed a SAMBA server on Ubuntu Server. i created the user "copycat" both in linux and samba with "sudo adduser copycat" and "sudo smbpasswd -a copycat". then i added the user "copycat" to groups "sudo", "it-administration" and "qs-top-secret". when i connect my...
  2. Nemesis

    Can't run a copied program

    I copied a program that had spaces and stuff that made it difficult to write in the terminal. I simply copied it to pss (sudo cp [appname] [pss]) But when I write pss in the terminal, it says that There is something called pss in that directory now..
  3. H

    Script for copy&delete directory from one server to another

    Hey everyone, I have 2 remote Servers: Server A and Server B. On Server A I have a directory named: 'Example' I need to copy 'Example' directory from Server A to Server B and then delete it from Server A (if there's a possibility to do it by one command it would be better of course). I would...