• We had to restore from a backup today after a failed software update. Backup was from 0000 EDT and restored it at 0800 EDT so we lost about 8hrs. Today is 07/20/2024. More info here.

copying files

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    Very odd issue with new RAID 5 HDDs. Some data keeps disappearing when running large copies.

    I have 2 almost identical servers both running Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS each with the same HDD brand setup in RAID 5 configurations. I have around 10TB of data I am attempting to copy to both servers. Everything worked fine on the first server. However, on the second server, the copy script seems to...
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    copying more files than are being copied

    I found a bug in the new version of Ubuntu. I downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu 20.04 and before installing I ran the operating system from the USB stick and copied over thousands of files to a external hard drive before installing. I took a photo of the laptops screen using my smart...