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cron jobs

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    Cron job not running successfully

    Hi Guys, Apologies if this question is silly, but I am relatively new Linux and I'm having issues getting my cron job to run. My Cron job is as follows: 22 11 * * THU sudo su - nz /nz/support/bin/nz_genstats DBNAME -schema SCHEMANAME > FILENAME.log The cron job does not seem to run...
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    Cron task doesn't erase directory

    Hi there. I have a php script which creates a temp directory. Then makes other stuff and finally removes the temp directory. If I run the script with user root directly in the CLI, everything works fine. However, the cron task throws an error while trying to delete the temp directory. Crontab...
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    PowerShell script on Centos fails to run via cron

    Hello everyone I have a PowerShell script that is working absolutely fine when we run manually on centos. (Enter PWSH shell and run the script) But when I schedule cron for the vCheck script it fails and the script does not run. Can anyone please suggest what can be done to schedule the...
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    Cron Jobs / Crontab - Cannot Create or Edit File

    I try to edit the crontab file to create con jobs by using ssh "sudo crontab -e" and "crontab -e", but I keep getting the following error message (or as shown in the image below): And the file path location "/var/spool/cron/crontabs/" folder is empty. Shouldn't there be a cron file of some...
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    Save BackUp File in specific location

    Hi there I am pretty new in the Linux world. I am just setting up a MySQL Database and now I want to create an automatic backup job for all the databases. I'm using the following script to create the backup: #!/bin/bash DATE=$(date +%d%m%Y-%H) mysqldump -u backupuser -p'12345'...
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    Sending Cron.log to mail

    Hello, I have a cron job running every 2 hours and generating a cron.log, I want to receive this log by mail after the cron job is end , I tried this 0 */2 * * * /DATA/scripts/Daily_Script.sh &> /DATA/scripts/cron.log | mail -s "APP2_Monitoring_Log" [email protected] , but I didn't receive...
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    I had an issue recently. Wanting to monitor cron jobs in real-time. Looking for some feedback and/or suggestions please!

    Hey guys, I have an issue currently where I've got a cron job set to run at midnight each day to reset daily API requests for a service that I run. The job failed recently which caused me a whole bunch of headaches and I've been trying to find a solution to monitor all of my cron jobs so I...