1. Nemesis

    Cron runs a non-existing variant of . sh script

    I've been encountered a strange phenomena. I've been messing with Cron, so it runs a script called, which it does. First I wrote the script to send an email, but later I rewrote it to send a message instead. However, when restarting the server, nothing happened. Then I checked the...
  2. V

    I had an issue recently. Wanting to monitor cron jobs in real-time. Looking for some feedback and/or suggestions please!

    Hey guys, I have an issue currently where I've got a cron job set to run at midnight each day to reset daily API requests for a service that I run. The job failed recently which caused me a whole bunch of headaches and I've been trying to find a solution to monitor all of my cron jobs so I...
  3. D

    Troubles with crontab

    Hi guys, I would say I'm a very n00 n00b to linux in general and I'm currently scratching my head rather vigorously (and have been for the last 3 hours) about crontab. Here's my setup (probably completely irrelevant but hey): I have an old desktop PC (a box with a brain) whose sole purpose is...