data recovery

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    Recovery data

    I have a problem, the server room has damaged my virtual machine files. Apparently the entire RAID physically crashed and they couldn't rebuild it. They gave me the files of my machine on which I have FTP + MySQL services. Mainly I want to recover several Wordpress + database installations. In...
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    Deadbolt Recovery -Mount Raid 0 for data recovery (PhotoRec?)

    Hello, I have a client that was a victim of the Deadbolt ransomeware. It was on an Asustor NAS. The configuration was 4 disks RAID 10 (2 in RAID 0 then mirrored to another 2 in RAID 0). I hope that's right. I was able to use recovery software with only one disk and got a ton of information...
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    Txt file content recovery

    Hi everyone, I have made a huge mistake by resetting my phone without checking if I had already wrote some of my passwords somewhere else; knowing it is hard to recover data after formatting, I searched the internet to find a solution - and usually those apps on PS don't work. I found out about...
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    File recovery from ecryptfs encrypted partition

    I recently had a massive hardware failure on my primary SSD drive. Using safecopy, I made an image of the /home partition, which was encrypted with ecryptfs. I get errors when attempting to mount the .ISO image, related to bad blocks which are present. Currently running scalpel in an attempt...
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    Accessing phone data without interfacing with screen

    Hi, my girlfriend dropped her phone (motorola G5+) into a creek. This damaged it in such a way, that it starts up, the touch screen works, but the display stays black. You can feel it vibrating while blindly guessing the lock pattern. She already sent it to a repair shop, but they didn't manage...
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    I broke Ubuntu, I want to backup my data and reinstall it.

    Hey everybody! I love Ubuntu, started using 16.04 in December. I was trying to use some terminal commands to resolve an issue with Docker, and I think that's what led to Ubuntu failing to boot thereafter. (The main question is: How do I recover my data?) Here are the commands I put in (with...
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    Partition (data) recovery

    Hi everyone, recently I accidentally let the Win32DiskManager write a Windows partition on my hard drive. Therefore the partition with my Images etc is unallocated. How can i "re-allocate" the partition without loosing my data? I can use either Linux, Windows or MacOS. Thanks in advance Eric
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    troubleshooting sdb1/ext3 that fails to mount

    I've got a disc drive mounted in a caddy that uses linux to communicate with the (home, Windows) network. The drive has been failing to mount, usually returning a message like "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error". The drive...