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dependent packages

  1. K

    Problems Installing wine-stable-i386 and wine-stable-amd64

    I wanted to install Wine in order to play games on Steam, but I keep running into problems with the dependencies. When I try to install the package winehq-stable, I get an error saying wine-stable is not installed. Then when I try to install wine-stable, it says I need wine-stable-i386 and...
  2. T

    Dependency error while installing wine

    Hello Everyone, Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon; version 4.0.10; I have had linux for over a year now, and I'm finally committing to installing wine. However I am running into the same issues I always have, and I am in way over my head regarding fixing them. Below has been my process so far. sudo...
  3. Rene_Thomas

    Deleting xsane scanner software (+dependent packages?)

    Hi, I am trying to free up space on my laptop, which is running Linux Ubuntu 16.04, so have been uninstalling software packages, which is something I am quite new to. Because the xSane scanner program has been inoperative, and furthermore because my printer's packed in altogether, I decided to...