desktop scaling

  1. dangarbri

    Fixing (or rather "enabling") scaling settings in GNOME

    Just wanted to share something. I recently started using PureOS which uses the GNOME desktop and one issue I was having was with all the text being too small. By default GNOME allows scaling of choosing if you want things to be too small (100%) or too large (200%). This command that enables...
  2. N

    [Don't Need To Fix The Problem Anymore So Idc, Thanks For The Help] Desktop Isn't Scaling Properly At 1080p And I Don't Know How To Fix It

    Ever since I switched to Linux whenever I tried using 1080p the taskbar and windows would go outside of the screen, hence I figured it wasn't scaled properly. DIdn't know how to fix it, was able to use 1050p without a problem so I just stuck with that. Yesterday I was following Christ Titus...