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    Use phone as gamepad

    Can anybody please tell me about any software which can make my android phone a gamepad for linux mint, like droidjoy is available on windows only. Please help.
  2. L

    Linux major and minor number in device file

    Who is in charge to decide what is the minor number?Is it driver? If i have for instace: -device file x with 8 major number and 2 minor number -device file y with 6 major number and 2 minor number My question is :Are 2 device files referring to the same device? Is minor number unique for the system?
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    [Gentoo] KDE Plasma/DeviceNotifier - udisk2 permissions solution

    First, edit your "make.conf" and add next USE entries USE="policykit udisks udev" Second, update with the new USE changes! emerge --ask --update --newuse --deep @world And finally, edit "/etc/polkit-1/rules.d/##-polkit-pkla-compat.rules", change ## with exist correct file suffix and add next...