1. F


    I'm having an issue with my Linux machine, i can connect to my phone hotspot but can't ping any nameserver or Google, please i need help.
  2. G

    Hi im so stupid Can you help me with DHCP

    I am very new to Linux and I tried to install Linux Terminal Server but it did not work there was a problem with DHCP and I am confused with IP addresses Please help and help me with the IP addresses subnet mask i don't know where are you getting those numbers I know i am dumb about this but...
  3. D

    DHCP server / client configuration

    I'm trying to implement DHCP on two VirtualBox machine(6.1), one being the client and one being the server. I was trying to follow this guide here. However it doesn't seem to work. As the 'Create a host-only network' step no longer looks the same (it automatically makes a DHCP Server with...
  4. N

    Best Distro for All-in-One Raspberry Pi Server

    Hello all, I'm interested in making a Raspberry Pi 4 into an all in one server and I'd like suggestions on which distros and software you think would be best. What I mean by ALL IN ONE: a) DNS - piHole for ad blocking and privacy. b) DHCP - for manually managing 10-20 devices connected also for...
  5. N

    No DNS sever obtained

    Good afternoon, I am a new Linux user. I am running Tails OS through a USB stick and I was trouble shooting a problem related to connecting to the internet. When trying to open a browser, I receive an error saying "No DNS server was obtained through DHCP or manually configured in...
  6. L

    Can i use a PXE Server without a build in DHCP ?

    Hi, I wanna setup an PXE Server in ym Network. In my network is allready a DHCP Server running and i dont wanna turn it off. So now i want to ask you, if it is possible to use the existing DHCP Server in the network and dont install one on the PXE Server. Thank You ! LinuxTux23
  7. CptCharis

    dhcp, netctl & systemd

    Hello everybody !!! I have a difficulty to understand differences between dhcp, netctl and systemd, when I tried to set up static ip into my Arch installation. Googling around I found three ways to set up static ip into Arch Linux. Let's say differences between systemd and other two is more...
  8. E

    Setting static IP address to UDHCP client

    I am using udhcp client for an embedded device. I am trying to add a feature to set a static IP, Netmask, DNS, and gateway address. I am trying to set it through the "-r" argument (request): /sbin/udhcpc -A 3 -f -s /tmp/udhcpc_wlan0_sh -i wlan0 -r It does not seem to work. I try to...
  9. P

    getting IP via DHCP in VirtualBox

    Hi all, I am an absolute Linux beginner, and need some assistance. I have Centos7 core running in VirtualBox, and I want to set it up so that I get an IP address from our DHCP server. I have 2 adapters in my VirtualBox settings, first one is set to NAT, and second one is set to Host-Only...
  10. A

    why eth1 with auto dhcp disturbs pppoe over eth0

    Hi, I use ubuntu 16.04 desktop with ufw (default setup + 22, 80, 443 ports open). I connect directly to ISP using pppoe over eth0. I also have eth1 which when disabled the websites are accessible in browser. When starting eth1 with auto dhcp the websites are no longer accessible in browser...