distro creation

  1. D

    Distributing Copies of Riced Distros

    Because we all like to include features that didn't originally come with a distro, especially distros that are very basic by design, I'm wondering if its possible to create and distribute copies of riced distros? While it is true that each user configures their distro to their own liking, you...
  2. SuperAdventureHunter

    Extraction of source code of an ISO [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone! I’m creating a distro with a program called Respin, which is a remastersys derivative. This only allows you to build an ISO from an existing Debian installation. However I would like to stay true to the GNU/Linux way by including source. I also believe a GPL license and some...
  3. SuperAdventureHunter

    Avoiding the creation of “just another distro.”

    Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good day! Just a while ago I was having a conversation with another member of the Linux community. We were discussing the subject distribution creation. When I expressed an interest in creating one, the conversation somehow came to this phrase by the...