distro hopping

  1. S

    What Do YOU Look For in a Desktop Linux? How Do YOU Choose?

    I am still downloading and trying out many Linux desktop distros, giving them a look, working with their basic interface components, writing a few notes, and then deleting them and moving on to the next one. It is a background task. Flip the screen, fill in the installer details, go back to...
  2. Darhkmir

    Looking for a distro ofr my system

    I'm looking for a distro that would work well for my system without issues, performance wise mostly, but not looking too terrible. I use my system for playing games (mostly 2d), including windows games as well through Proton and Wine, as well as for video editing and some small-time game...
  3. L

    Do you think people should choose distro according to distro watch rating?

    Do you think people should look the distro watch to select the distribution? https://distrowatch.com/
  4. I

    Changing Linux distro

    Hello everyone! I am new here and looking for some advice. Been using Mint Mate 18.3 since March 2018. Never had any issues with Mint that I couldn't resolve, but I think it's time for a change and am primarily looking to learn more about the system. I am looking for some distro for...
  5. Z

    Distro hopper needs advice

    I am looking for a distro that is at an intermediate level. I would like to challenge and stretch myself a bit (so no mint or ubuntu) but I don't think i'm quite ready for Gentoo yet. Ideas? LOL a whole lot of people are gonna say arch i guarantee that. (Note: Bunsenlabs and Slitaz just don't...