1. N

    No rule to make target '/home/pegasus/Documents/bpftime/third_party/bpftool/include/linux/err.h', needed by 'prog.o'. Stop

    I'm building a Docker image. docker build . Here's the Dockerfile FROM ubuntu:23.10 WORKDIR /bpftime RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends \ libelf1 libelf-dev zlib1g-dev make cmake git libboost1.74-all-dev \ binutils-dev libyaml-cpp-dev gcc g++...
  2. N

    cannot setup routing within connected containers

    I have two docker networks: docker network create --attachable --internal --subnet nw_01_02 docker network create --attachable --internal --subnet nw_02_03 I also have three docker containers: node01 on nw_01_02 node02 on
  3. O

    How to identity which container that calling IP on port

    Hello all, I'm running many docker-compose stack on my Server. My Firewall show trafic from this Server to another on port 137. How can I identify which container running on my Server doing these calls on port 137? Thanks for your reply
  4. M

    [local LAN multisite orchestrator or router] apache or nginx all under Docker

    Good morning, I am very happy to be able to join this forum as a newbie on linux. I undertook to dockerize many ubuntu server 20.04 and 22.04 VMs in order to gain resources and ease. Currently I have dockerized (docker release 24.0.2): Apache Guacamole, Noip (DDNS), Nextcloud, AdGuardHome...
  5. mike_linux

    After changing the image installation directory of docker the partition name has changed and app launch problem occurred

    Hi guys, hope you're doing fine! After I changed my image installation folder for docker in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS using this guide explained in point 3, I encountered a problem shown in the following screenshot. After, this I changed the docker installation folder to it's default one explained in the...
  6. J wont safe files in VOLUME or WORKDIR and other... (ubuntu server)

    Hey, I´ve tried to create a docker for a minecraft-paper server. After long time trying the docker worked and started the .jar file for the server. The problem is now, that I cant join on the server via minecraft and I´ve opened all ports the server needs. The second and more importen problem...
  7. M

    Why does iproute2 not want to send packets to the docker network?

    vds 1: vds 2: I configure iproute2 with this script , I run the script on vds 2, on vds 1 I drive iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 25565 -j DNAT --to iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING...
  8. D

    Is there a way to store long commands in an env variable?

    I want to simply run the long command below. docker ps -a --format "table {{.Images}}\t{{.Ports}}" export view='docker ps -a --format "table {{.Images}}\t{{.Ports}}"' echo $view result But When I run the real variable, I get an error $view Result end Error code "docker ps" accepts...
  9. ljhwild

    Podman / Docker on Debian Edu - can I set up containers with dedicated network interfaces?

    Dear Community As it's my first post, hello everyone and thanks for having me. I'm an beginner/intermediate Linux user and I'm working on a project that requires me to launch 4 containers, but they need to be seen by the WIFI router as separate machines. I've got usb 4 wlan interfaces and I...
  10. F

    Can't change bridge subnet or create network on Docker

    I would like to build a small infrastructure entirely under Linux. For the LDAP and file server part I would like to set up a Docker server that will host the OpenLDAP and Owncloud containers. I would like to have a network for my Docker server and its containers. This will give ...
  11. hebrerillo

    Access internal docker server from another computer.

    Hello everyone! In a Linux computer, I have a docker that is running an HTTPS server on an internal IP: Let's suppose the Linux computer has a public IP of (running on interface eno1). I want to acceess the HTTPS server from another computer in the same network. To...
  12. drstr

    Use XAMPP or Install Nginx?

    I'm very new to Linux and I'm a programmer (PHP, Python, Javascript) and I have used Docker, XAMPP for my Web design projects on windows. recently I switched to Linux (Ubuntu) and I need web server for working on my projects and I'm a little confused since I see that XAMPP is available for...
  13. H

    Install a docker interface xfce

    Hello! I am new to Linux, and i need to create / install a docker which can launch an interface xfce linked to my linux folder (for example to launch an Python IDE). Problem : i don't know how to do at all. I installed docker, and alors x11docker/xfce, but this is what i got as answer. xorg...
  14. S

    Linux Gaming Server made easy

    Good day All, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this but here goes. I am currently running Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS on my server at home. I have tried different types of game server managers for linux but found some of them to have very little control or be too difficult to use...
  15. C

    SOLVED: Linux Capabilities-laced binary for running docker stats command?

    Hi, I have a scenario where a normal user process needs to call docker stats command, which is an elevated (root) call. The idea is to write a simple helper binary that adds the appropriate caps to the inheritable and ambient sets (and then set the caps on the binary from a setup script that...
  16. G

    Error when installing R-4.0.2 in Debian buster

    Hello, I need to install R-4.0.2 on docker image python:3.8.5-buster. When executing make check command 2 errors will arise, and I don't know how to solve. The error message is: running code in 'reg-packages.R' ...make[3]: *** [Makefile.common:108: reg-packages.Rout] Error 1...
  17. D

    NAT and Dockercontainer

    Hello, I have the following setup using a Docker environment and a Wirguard Server. The Docker environment is composed by three Services (VPN, Service A, Service B) each with their separate image. They all share a common Docker Network. In Addition the VPN Service runs a wireguard server...
  18. J

    Unable to run Teamviewer inside a Docker container

    I ran into a issue when I’m not able to run Teamviewer (GUI) inside a container. Does anyone experienced this issue and have some solution? Or maybe know how to fix it? I was able to use Teamviewer outside of docker container without any issue. Any help is highly appreciated. I'm using Ubuntu...
  19. S

    Samba on Docker not writing to external HDD.

    Hi, I've just built my new Home Assistant / Shinobi CCTV / Jellyfin server and it's running Debian 10. To easily access the media files / security footage, which are stored on a 3TB hard drive separate from the NVMe boot SSD I'd want to set up some samba shares, so i found a promising docker...
  20. K

    How will I make these 2 apps run in Docker image?

    Hi everyone, I am using CentOS 7. There are 2 apps that don't work in docker image. I have to create some conditions (such as- folders, files, sockets etc.) for these apps to run. Apps will be considered as "running" if it shows output to stdout --- "Application terminated normally". (I have to...