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dual boot

  1. S

    Solved GRUB does not work in Kali

    Here is my case - i have a dual boot system with Windows on my nvme and Kali on my other ssd. When i set up Kali and tried to boot it, it went straight to grub rescue. I then followed countless internet tutotials - booting from a live usb, reinstalling GRUB, trying to fix the System error 17...
  2. L

    How can I unmount my windows partitions from linux in a dualboot?

    I want to make it so that linux doesn't have any access to my windows partitions.
  3. GoonMaster

    Solved GRUB and os-prober do not see Windows 10 on a different drive

    setup: -im on a lenovo legion 5 with two nvme drives with arch on one and windows on the other i reinstalled arch onto my second nvme after having issues with windows overriding the bootloader and now i can't access my windows drive. loading up the boot menu just shows me the drive i installed...
  4. GoonMaster

    Solved primary linux drive stopped showing up in boot menu

    my primary nvme drive with arch installed stopped showing up in the bios boot menu after installing windows onto my second nvme. i can still view both drives on the windows disk management thing but i can't boot back into my main drive to update grub. i tried loading up an arch iso and using...
  5. GoonMaster

    primary linux drive stopped showing up after installing windows on secondary nvme

    my primary nvme drive with arch installed stopped showing up in the bios boot menu after installing windows onto my second nvme. i can still view both drives on the windows disk management thing but i can't boot back into my main drive to update grub. i tried loading up an arch iso and using...
  6. W

    Solved Advice on choice of Linux for Lenovo laptop

    Good day all My first post so i shall try and do things correctly. Background I have been using linux for many years and although I would not put myself in the "Expert" category, I am able to find my way around linux. Current usage I have a few VPS servers based on Ubunto 20.04 and 22.04...
  7. K

    Kali linux Dual booting problem with grub

    Why I can't install GRUB. When installing KaliLinux (GNU GRUB v 2.06-4) as dual boot on a DELL 17, 7000 series laptop with UEFI bios after installing about 60% of GRUB, the process stops and I have to switch off the computer . There is no error information. I have tried many times and when the...
  8. M

    Hardware help - Apologies if wrong location

    Hi, I have been using Linux for a while but I am not super proficient in troubleshooting and I'm in need of some help. I apologise if this is in the wrong location - I suspect the issue is hardware related but I've tried everything I can think of and I still can't resolve it. I have tried to...
  9. R

    How to Install Linux Distro on External HDD without the GRUB Boot Menu?

    Greetings, fellow Linux enthusiasts! I am in the process of installing a Linux distro on my external hard drive. I have already installed it and set up the partitions for boot, swap, and root in a virtual machine. Now, my goal is to boot directly into the Linux distro installed on my external...
  10. chips

    After installing Linux Mint, the boot menu does not appear and I cannot boot the Windows/Linux Mint.

    hello first of all, I would like to say that I am very sad and disappointed because I installed linux. After installing Linux Mint, it asked me to restart, and then the boot menu did not appear, only a screen called BOOT MENU. Even though I select all of them one by one, nothing changes, I can...
  11. A

    Returning possibility to run Debian after installing Bliss OS

    Hello everyone! I had Debian(bios-boot) on disk. Then I installed Bliss OS. After this, I lost possibility to run Debian(there is no option to run it in grub). Is it possible to add option to grub to run Debian?
  12. K

    An unsolved problem with Neptune installation (double boot Windows 10)

    Hi everyone, I've decided to write here because I couldn't find the answer to my problem anywhere else on the web. I managed to create a bootable USB with an ISO file of Neptune 7.0 distro. After first attempts, I was unable to boot into Neptune Live. The solution that I found was changing the...
  13. L

    Can not start windows 10 after getting dualboot

    So... long story short. I'm an aspiring programmer, and I have ADD - the distractions of windows [all the programs, discords, websites, icons, games and such] are really detrimental to my learning process, so I have decided to install a Linux distro for the sole purpose of programming on there...
  14. F

    Can't install Linux

    Hi guys! I'm asking here out of desperation, I've been trying to install (Dual boot) Linux for a while now but nothing worked so far. So I downloaded Kali Linux from the official website and flashed it with Etcher as recommended on the website (aslo tried Rufus but none worked). Then I booted...
  15. C

    I have Windows 10 and i would like to incorporate and learn Linux!

    Hello, I have a 500GB SSD, and a separate hard drive I added to my pc that's also 500GB. This hard drive is completely blank and I formatted it for my Windows 10 computer. I was wondering if I can dual boot windows 10 and Zorin OS lite or maybe linux mint(let me know what you all recommend for a...
  16. T

    Kali bare metal install stuck black screen

    Hello, Sorry for the vague title but I'm not sure how to describe what terminal I'm looking at. It's named GNU Grub version 2.04. See image. Im a noob at bare metal, I usually boot from live usbs but this is my first bare metal installation. Its my intention to install on partition(4) of...
  17. E

    Twisted dual boot

    I have been thinking of dual booting my Linux machine with windows. The problem is I cannot seem to find any guide in which dual boot is done with Linux being the initial software. I was wondering, is it even possible? If so, could you help me? If not, do I have any other options? I also tried...
  18. K

    GRUB screen does not open.

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Today I installed Kubuntu next to Windows 10, but when the computer starts, the GRUB screen does not open and only enters Kubuntu. How can I solve the problem?
  19. C

    [SOLVED] Set default boot to Ubuntu

    I'm a complete novice at Linux, I recently dual booted my pc (MSI bravo 15) with windows 10 and ubuntu 20.04 (windows was pre-installed). (I'm using UEFI secure boot) I'm unable to set Ubuntu as the os to boot by default. In grub, ubuntu is above windows boot manager, and it should boot into...
  20. R

    Page fault in nonpaged area bluescreen since Debian dual boot (on separate ssd's)

    Hey, so since I installed Debian on a separate ssd, where I made separate EFI, swap, and ext4 partitions, I now have most of the times I try to boot windows 10 a bluescreen that says 'Page fault in nonpaged area'. I've already tried some fixes (like running dskchk) I found on the internet but...