1. R

    Attempted dualboot install w/ Win7, now stuck on GRUB _

    Hi there. I went from having bootable Win7 to being stuck on GRUB _ during startup and could use some assistance. Let me explain. I attempted Dualboot-installing Parrot OS alongside Win7 on my laptop loosely following this guide. Not wanting to risk potential loss of data by installing it...
  2. Gleis

    Can't find Kali Linux in boot menu!

    Hello! I recently installed Kali Linux and set it up using everything needed like this video showed . I disabled Secure boot In BIOS and fast boot and created a reserved space in my HDD just for that (40GB) . After I installed Kali Linux I opened it and worked for some hours, and then booted...
  3. Rafaelys

    Is there a way to merge two linux partitions without losing data? [SOLVED]

    Hi there! So, here's the thing: I have a 1 Terabyte HDD on a Dell inspiron notebook (64 bit). I was using a dual boot with an old Ubuntu distro + Windows 7, which I kept for work reasons (I was obliged to use some windows software). The partitioning was 605 GB for Ubuntu (sda 2) and 67 GB for...
  4. J

    Ubuntu replacement

    Hello. I have win10(/dev/sda1,sda2,sda3) and ubuntu mate 18.10(/dev/sda4) on my pc. I plan to install Arch Linux in dualboot with windows. I was wondering if i need to re-install grub(/dev/sda) as part of the install process because i will format /dev/sda4 with cfdisk and skip creating swap...
  5. dystope

    Trouble Dualbooting WIndows 10 and Parrot OS

    Hey guys, so I had this setup before on my previous laptop, but on my Dell XPS 9370 it is proving to be troublesome. I am trying to have the Debian-based Parrot Security 4.1 distro dualboot alongside Windows 10, and after messing with some BIOS settings (I had to turn SecureBoot off before I...