fedora 36

  1. L

    Installing Fedora 36 with separate "\home": Should I use which FileSystem, ext4 or btrfs ?

    Hello, I intend to install Fedora Workstation 36 with a separate home partition. I have a 120GB SSD, a 1TB HDD, and 8GB RAM, so I am thinking of doing the partitioning as follows: SDD: \efi (± 500MB) \ (the rest) HDD: \swap (± 4GB) \home (1TB) (swap is on HDD because Fedora uses now zram, so...
  2. R

    USB2.0 HD UVC WebCam disconnects

    USB2.0 HD UVC WebCam in udev logs i see only usb 1-7: USB disconnect, device number 2 some people have same problem as me camera is integrated
  3. I

    Fedora works slow after installing nvidia driver SOLVED

    HI! I installend Fedora Workstation on my Asus TUF Gaming 505DT laptop. Everything was fine after installation, gnome worked perfect. Bui after Nvidia driver installation system started to work slow. My previous distro was Ubuntu, so my experience in linux is little if another information is...
  4. SimSon

    Do I need "dnf check-update"?

    Hey, I was wondering if I need "dnf check-update" also I want to upgrade my packages. Because when I have installed a new package, I always have: and then But now I have realized that it is also "fresh / check / takes the newest packages from the mirror" when I only type: I also check the...
  5. C

    "Unable to create PID file" - Facing problems to Install a distro Linux to Hard Drive.

    Now that I am finally able to run the distro on my machine, I simply cannot install it on its hard drive. First I could create some partitions to install Fedora but it crashed and a alert message is shown on screen: "Anaconda is unable to create /var/run/ anaconda.pid because the file already...