fedora 37

  1. Atheist

    Wired networking down. Fedora 37. [SOLVED]

    I could really use some help in figuring out what I did to kill my wired connection. With the ethernet cable connected to port enp11s0 I get: 1) nmcli d ==> "device enp11s0, state connected, connection: wired connection". 2) nmcli connection up uuid xxx ==> "connection successfully activated"...
  2. abrahimzaman360

    I'm facing issues with my wireless hardware on fedora 37 workstation.

    I'm currently using Fedora but I also had the problem on Ubuntu 22.04 and 22.10. WiFi is connected but No Internet and Signal Drops After Some Time, No Issues with Hardware, also, when I turn off WiFi airplane mode turns on when I turn off airplane mode, Bluetooth turns on. Some weird problem...
  3. J

    I have sound issues with fedora 37

    Hi boys I hope you are doing great, I recently bought a new laptop, with windows 11 preinstalled, I decided to install fedora, and everything works really well, but I have one issue, When I plug in my headphones they don´t even get recognized by the system although my headphones work on other...
  4. T

    Can't create bootable install of Fedora 37 on Macbook Pro (mid-2009)

    Hi there, I fail to create a bootable install of Fedora 37 on my somewhat antique MBP. I'm using a USB drive that I created with Fedora Media Writer I get the following error message twice during the installation: --- The following error occurred while installing the boot loader. The system...
  5. A

    Fedora 37 fresh install No sound - mixer says there is sound

    I bought a new and cheap notebook and installed Fedora. It only gives a "chirp" like sound as if speakers are dead. Mixer shows that actually there is sound and a device. I connected the bluetooth headphones too, to see if the problem is because of the physical speakers, no, bluetooth headphones...