file permission denied

  1. L

    SAMBA permission error. Even the sudoers can't acess the directorys.

    First of all, sorry for bad bad english. I have problem with acessing samba shared folders trought windows 10. I got permission error (with the root user too). I created a test director in /media/teszt. I set it for my personal user ch 777. With these rules i can acess the folder. I can write...
  2. R

    Program permission clarification

    Hi all, recently ive been using ngrok (a tunneling program) to expose my local ubuntu 20.04 minecraft server. For security purposes I decided to create a dedicated non-sudo user to run the minecraft and ngrok process. the problem though is when i try to launch ngrok i get this message...
  3. I

    i cant change permissions of an app

    When i attempt to change permissions such as execute to true it simply reverts back, when i attempt from the console this also happens. i am using linux mint and am crippled with live sessions only (dont really have an account, and holding everything for the os on 15 gig drive and have a 32 as a...
  4. X

    Need Help with Samba permissions on sub directories.

    Hi I am still quite new to Linux, I have an HP micro server with an SSD and 4 drives. This used to be a windows server until it caught a power spike and fried the old SSD. I decided I needed a change in my life and want to get better at Linux. So I installed Ubuntu server 18.04 and slapped a...
  5. WirraGunya

    File Permission denied, Debian 9

    I recently installed core package of Debian 9 via USB (I had to use smaller ISO image due to data limit being reached on Internet). It installed fine and works just like I was expecting, identified my hardware and all that and no problems in that regard. However, I'm having trouble with file...