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file sharing

  1. mike_linux

    Remote control another Ubuntu system and file sharing

    Hello guys, long time ago :). Hope you all are doing fine, are healthy and far away from the covid virus. I am using Remmina to connect my Ubuntu 20.04. LTS laptop to my Ubuntu 20.04. LTS PC for screen and file sharing using the VNC protocol. I am also using the RDP protocol to connect my...
  2. BoringZombie

    Is there a good or recommended way to transfer files securely between two computers running Linux?

    I have some files I need to transfer back and forth between my computers and I was wondering if there are some safe or secure methods of doing so without using a thumb drive or file sharing services.
  3. F

    File Sharing

    I have linux mint on my laptop and have recently made a home pc desktop linux mint as well. I am new to this field and do not know what to search for such a question... 1) I would like to configure my home pc desktop in such a way that everything I save to my laptop will also save to my home...
  4. V

    Newbie: setting up a new home network

    Hello all! As part of my migration away from big corporation software, among other things, I would need to use a FOSS cloud storage service. Having done some research, I concluded Nextcloud would be a great option, so I started the installation process in my home desktop (running Arch Linux)...