1. P

    Programs can't open the file manager to save/open/show files

    Hi, I'm very new to Linux. When saving or opening a file from example Inkscape, nothing happens. I discovered this yesterday, when downloading a file from Firefox. When clicking the button, nothing happened. But i fixed it by changing "Always ask you where to save files" off, so the files now...
  2. C

    Search for "letters" in a file

    Hello guys, i had a file called temperature.log inside this file there are only numbers (another script write numbers into that file) Sometimes the script runs into an error. At this point the script write letters in this log-file. i need a command (maybe an if statement) to check if there are...
  3. A

    How to encyrpt files in linux with certificate

    Simply: I use efs to encrypt my files in windows, i want the same in linux without luks because luks encyrpts the partition and asks for password on system login, i want the encyrption with certificate without prompt password.
  4. R

    File System in linux vs File System in Windows

    Hello All, Want to know is there any concept in Linux like windows C drive, D drive etc..(partition) Please let me know. Thanks, Ravi
  5. CptCharis

    Change your file manager

    Hello guys!!! Long time no see each other. I currently study for my MSc and no time for Linux. I have a question. My default file manager for LM Mate is "nemo". When I ran my LM Mate with i3 wm, nemo file manager is not cooperating. Is there any way to change file manager only when I ran i3...