1. mike_linux

    500 Access denied errror while installing moodle open-source learning management system via Ubuntu 20.04.LTS

    Hi guys! Hope you’re doing fine. I am about to install via my Ubuntu 20.04.LTS system Moodle as a teacher which is a free open-source learning management system written in PHP (and distributed under GNU GPL), to upload exercises and other stuff for my students. To achieve the installation of...
  2. D

    Can't connect to vsftpd via Windows FZ

    Hi, I created a FTP server on my linux machine, and I can access it from any other Linux machine, but I can't access it from Windows Filezilla. It is a misconfiguration of the server's firewall, because if I disable it, it works fine. Here is the vsftpd log of a correct connection made by an...