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    PAM script login / disk formatting

    Hello to all ! I'm coming to you for help with a personal project In a few words : When opening the Ubuntu session I would like a script to be activated when a user enters a wrong password The script should run for example after the 3rd try and if the 3rd try is wrong, a partition or...
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    Trying to Transfer Music onto Sandisk Clip Sport Plus (SOLVED)

    I'm using Linux Mint 21 XFCE and my new MP3 player won't auto-sync. It will show up in disks, but not Thunar. While searching for a solution, I encountered this thread on the Mint forums: When the person was told they needed to format it, I...
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    Noob question about Installing Linux

    When you choose to completely format the disk to install only Linux, does the installation delete also the drivers of the hardware? Recently I installed Linux Mint in an HP and after the installation it says that the battery is not HP anymore.
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    Format partition as ext4 and setting overhead to 0%

    Need to format an external hard drive partition. It's not a system drive/partition so no system log files will be written to it. (who uses an external hard drive to write system log files anyway?) By default when you format a partition as ext4, the system reserves 5% of the disk space. So, only...