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    Urgent help needed for strange system freezing issue

    Hi again, I am having very strange system freezing issues. I post similar issue "about help me to find what eats my CPU" titled post. In there, I tought that mem and swap was the problem. After several days of using system profiler I noticed that problem is not related with memory. Since I have...
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    My computer freezes randomly.

    I have an EVOO-EVC156-1 laptop. Every time I boot on arch, the system just freezes at random times and ignores all input, which consequently leads to me having to perform a force shutdown. If when the freeze occurs audio is playing, the second or so of the audio, before freeze, keeps repeating...
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    Computer Freezing

    Hi all, I am relatively new to linux. I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a home PC. I have recently found that my PC has been locking up causing a range of problems including virtual drives to unmount. I'm reasonably confident that it isn't a system resources issue. When all services are running...
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    Every kernel after 4.17 freezes on my machine.

    Already tried all I could but the screen still freezes. I'm hoping for a beautiful altruistic soul to unfreeze my PC. my other posts about this: thread reddit thread
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    Problems reconnecting to samba shares

    Hello guys and girls, i have a following beginner problem: I have 2 machines both running Linux, one is my main machine, the other one is used for storage, downloading, etc. I have multiiple samba shares on this machine. And the machine is NOT always on - i suspend it when i don't need it. On...