fresh install

  1. A

    Fresh Arch install in i3-wm: Can't unmute audio

    Hello all, This morning I made a fresh Arch install. I am trying to unmute my audio, but the instructions and the commands I've found on the Arch Wiki for alsamixer and $ amixer sset Master unmute $ amixer sset Speaker unmute $ amixer sset Headphone unmute don't work; the output is bash...
  2. E

    What do I need to know?

    Hey! I'm thinking about swapping my OS to Linux Mint soon, as I want more privacy and security (which is my main concern), and before I decided to do so I felt it would be beneficial to ask what I should look out for. So I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on the following: - What is...
  3. CptCharis

    Package corrupted during installation

    Hello everybody! I'm trying a fresh installation of Arch in my virtual box but after packstrap -i /mnt base I have a return of some corrupted or damage packages. Do you have any idea what is going wrong?
  4. K

    Help with: Clean wipe, fresh Installation of 2ndhand PC

    Hi I bought a 2nd hand Laptop with ubuntu and wanted to basically wipe it clean and then freshly install linux mint 18 cinnamon. Just to make sure there is no potentially nefarious content on it when i use it. Besides from putting the new os on, is there any procedures i should do to make it...
  5. J

    Fresh Installation of a linux os

    Hello friends, I am Very new to PCs and don't have a lot of experience with them. I want to install Linux on my build. So I choose Ubuntu but. I don't know how to fresh install any os . I do have know how to boot from USB,or launch on VM but don't know how to fresh install. Help me. I...