1. I

    Booting in emergency mode due to mounting drive issue

    Hello. I'm new to linux so I'm sorry for using incorrect terms or something like that. Also I'm not sure about in which forum should I post it, so will post in getting started I have 2 disks in my PC: one with win11 and fedora linux and other one just for storage. I wanted to mount 2nd one to...
  2. blackneos940

    Adding ext4 Partition to /etc/fstab File.....? :3

    As the question describes, I wanna add my Kali Linux Partition to Manjaro's fstab File, so that it automounts on Login..... :3 How is this accomplished.....? :3 Good GOD, that Stromboli made me full..... :P Thanks for any help guys..... :3
  3. P

    Advice on re-partitioning default Debian 9 stretch to support LVM

    Hello, my server provider installed Debian 9 stretch 64bit and this is the disk space layout after installation: https://pastebin.com/E0DHUhrG The tmpfs and udev filesystems seems not to be using any disk space according to that figures. But they have big quotas? /dev/sda1 * 2048...