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    Trying to Get Gnome Boxes to Boot Up VM

    For a while now, I've been checking out other distros so I can eventually switch to one, and Nitrux is one I want to try. I downloaded Gnome Boxes because the description said it's very easy to set up VMs. The problem is every time I try to set up any distro in a VM, I get an error message...
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    Trying to Run Zorin Core 16.1 as a Virtual Machine in Gnome Blocks

    Because I've been using Mint for the last 10 years, I recently decided its time for a different change in pace. For my new distro, I want to try out Zorin, but every time I click on "create virtual machine from file", and then click on the iso, nothing happens.
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    GNOME base applications uninstall

    I just downloaded arch linux and when I look through my applications there are a lot of applications that are downloaded when I downloaded gnome and I want to uninstall them. I cant find any way to though. I have tried using pacman to uninstall and it says that it can't find them. How do I...
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    Gnome Terminal Won't Open

    My gnome terminal was working like normal, I don't know what happened, but now I can't open it. Screenshot of error included below. Thanks!
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    apps for one desktop (Gnome) work well on other user interface?

    I'm new enough to Linux that I'm as yet agnostic regarding the desktop interface. I've been trying the various flavors of Ubuntu, and maybe I'm starting to like the minimalism of Xubuntu with its Xfce UI. As I migrate away from Microsoft Windows, my biggest challenge has been finding a decent...