gnu grub

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    Kali boots to GNU Grub

    Super huge problem! I'm trying out Kali because I want to get into ethical hacking eventually. Downloaded the installer on my USB with the installer from the Kali page and balenaEtcher, but when I boot from the drive it shows a gnu Grub section with the prompt "grub>". Any help? (I already saw...
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    HELP! Kali Linux Live USB is booting into Gnu Grub terminal.

    So I want to have a Kali linux live usb so bad. I've downloaded the latest Kali Linux live usb iso (Kali 2023.2 and the one that includes every tool), now, when I try to flash it using BalenaEtcher, it just created 2 partitions and the one is empty, the other one has 2 folders, named "boot" and...
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    how do i fix invalid magic number

    this is my first time booting ubuntu in usb flash drive using Rufus for burning. and may i ask how to solve it? thanks and btw im booting ubuntu 21.10 in hp laptop 4 gb ram
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    [SOLVED] PLEASE HELP | GNU GRUB version 2.04-20kali1 | BOOT-UP PROBLEMS !!! I've watched so many youtube videos as well as read through so many websites, been trying to figure this out since 8...