1. T

    Is it possible to make a payment gateway/processor under the GNU license?

    Hello, I'm new here and for clarification, I'm an artist. And like other artists, I want to take commissions but the payment options like Stripe, PayPal, CashApp, etc... Are limited in terms of availability and usually have fees. Two other reasons are that people would usually need a...
  2. super_user_do

    NON-GNU Linux Distros?

    Except for Android (which is not even considered a Linux Distribution), are there any NON-GNU Linux Distros and what are their usecases? Asking just for personal knowledge
  3. MrTrims

    What is GNU + Linux ?

    Many linux users don't know about GNU + Linux. The video explains about it. The video contains short explanation about GNU + Linux by Richard Stallman. Enjoy.. :)
  4. D

    where is /bin/sh?

    i'm looking up the GNU sh source code. I didn't find it in the GNU software directory. Could u please tell me where can i get it? Thanks a lot^_^