1. CaffeineAddict

    Which variants of grep are deprecated?

    I know fgrep and egrep are deprecated because same functionality exists with grep -E and grep -F But what about pgrep and rgrep? are these 2 deprecated as well? For rgrep there is grep -r but I don't find any mention of rgrep being deprecated. pgrep seems unique and still valid, so it's not...
  2. hal_sk

    Using command outputs in another scripts

    Hello, Sometime I need to extract specific value (or more values) from my system using command outputs (in order to use this values for conditional testing in scripts). For example: Get my CPU temperature and if it is above 60 °C then do something. For this scenario I use command "watch -n 2...
  3. M

    egrep "[0-9]{2}" not working

    Hello, Im sorry to bother you with this, but I´m new to this and need help to get it working properly. I need to get only the lines that don´t start with number and have two digit number in them. I have this command: cat /etc/group | egrep -v "^[0-9]" | egrep "[0-9]{2}" And the problem is...
  4. D

    SOLVED: Using grep to display from the start of match

    Can grep be used only show results from the start of match? Example, there is a text file with... iliketurtles iliketurtles [TAB]iliketurtles asgfhasfgshailiketurtles ^%&%&%*&iliketurtles The results I want to return would look like... iliketurtles iliketurtles iliketurtles iliketurtles...
  5. M

    Monitoring with sound

    Hi, How can i get a sound while monitoring a file using tail with grep. E.g. Tail -f log.file | grep 'Network' If there any display with the following command there the system should produce a sound/soundtrack so that we need not to keep an eye always on the log file and the sound will alert...
  6. M

    Search directory and search File

    How can i first search with certain filename with wild card and then search a string in those filename and get the output. E.g Directory name : abc/def/xyz/ Files in directory : Abc12, abc13, abd12,abc14,abc15, abe12 and so on. First search : ab*12 Output : abc12,abd12,abe12 Now search...