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    Linux on iMac reboots instead of shutdown

    I am running Linux on iMac late 2015, 21.5 inch (the 1tb hdd version) and it’s running effortlessly with just one issue, It reboots on a shutdown. (Suspend doesn’t work too, it just hangs the system or reboot sometimes but it happens to most Apple devices on linux so i let that slide) I have...
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    2010 iMac crashing with Ubuntu Creator

    Hello everything, wow so impressed with Linux so far, I’ve had money issues for a decade now and as an artist editing software is a key part of my practice. I have downloaded Ubuntu Studio for my iMac with the specs below, I am new to Linux/refurbing computers but happy to learn. I thought I...
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    Artifacts when changing resolution on Imac5k late 2015. Driver problems?

    When changing the resolution on my iMac 5k late 2015, I am experiencing an artifact. Horizontal lines appear all over the screen. This happens for all resolutions under the maximum. This happens on all Linux distros including both common display servers xorg and wayland. I know that the...