1. A

    Kali linux installation help

    I am using Toshiba T480s, I have Secure Boot disabled in bios UEFI enable in bios I have SSD with windows 11. i have installed Linux in same drive but in different partition. But its not booting up, the bootup switches to Windows 11 My bios has UEFI\Legacy\Both option, no idea what should i...
  2. timurs022

    “Root file system not defined” in ubuntu

    Hello. Today I was trying to get a ubuntu dist on my computer, I specified the root file system, but after that it still said “root file system not defined. Please correct this” even though I did. Could anyone help?
  3. R

    Pop!_OS could not be installed on Avita Liber V laptop

    I tried to "Clean install" PopOS,and when it configure the system 70% it stopped and display as shown Could not install How to solve this problem? Avita Liber V 14" laptop Secure Boot: off PopOS 20.10 Original OS: Windows 10 21H1 installer.log
  4. D

    Installation progress stuck in linuxparrotOS

    Hii I am darshan So I was installing this parrot os in virtual box Everything was fine until installation part It started and stuck at 4% for atlest an hour. So I cancelled the installation and tried it again and again it stuck at 4%.Now I don't know what to do..... Pls help me. Looking forward...