installation linux

  1. H

    Need information before installation

    Hello i'm a fresh starter of linux. And i have a few questions before dowload and install it. And i'm hoping to get some help here. - Does all the site where i can dowload the OS are the same verion of if and also are they all updates ? - Also i have all my files on my computer wich run with...
  2. NickBBB

    I am brand new to Linux.

    I have been wanting to make the switch for years, but honestly, I was one of those ignoramuses that believed Linux would fell more like MS-DOS than windows and it seemed overwhelming. I am by no means ignorant to computer usage in general and have built and fixed/troubleshooted a lot of...
  3. M

    Installation of Ubuntu 18.04 in Asus UEFI node

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 on my Asus X556UJ laptop from USB, but the installation freezes when I decide the partitions to be made. I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 and I am updating to 18.04 but the update lasts an eternity (4 hours). When the installation finishes and I have to restart...
  4. Jeffrey Lapinski

    <SOLVED>Intallation Ubuntu based vs. Arch based issues

    Hello, I am a relative "newbie" to Linux. I have used Ubuntu/Kubuntu but recently began using Manjaro and Antergos. I recently purchased a new laptop ASUS N705UD and for the life of me I cannot get Manjaro or Antergos to install. I am able to install both Kubuntu and Mint 19 without issues. I...
  5. A

    Help with Linux installation.

    Hello, I have a problem, currently, I tried install Lubuntu or Zorin Lite in a Netbook Dell Inspiron MIni with Windows 7, but I can't install neither Lubuntu nor Zorin, when I tried install Lubuntu, the installation screen load and stop then not load anymore. If I tried install Zorin Lite, load...