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installation problem

  1. B

    Installation in Acer travelmate 8573-t6603 I3. Stuck in logo.

    Hello Comunitiy. I have an old Acer travelmate 8573-t6603 I3 with 4gb ram. I tried to install Ubuntu, debian, Linux mint. from a Usb stick. (8gb) And always have the same problem. It stuck at the logo. The disk is empty..no SO. In one of the distro. Debian i recall...it stop at the moment of...
  2. K

    Installing applications from root user to be reflected across all users

    Hi, I am installing some applications from binary in ubuntu 18.04. My machine has 1 root user and 5 other users. I would like to make sure that the application(s) installed in the root user should be reflected in the other users accounts as well. Request to provide a suitable...
  3. R

    Problems afters some file system modification

    Hello to everyone. I've just installed for the first time ubuntu 20.04 lts. I don't have a previous experience with the os except some really basic things. After the installation I followed step by step this video https: //youtu.be/MNX7HgcWqHc up the point 7 included. So my modification where...
  4. H

    Can't install Linux, Error: "AMD-Vi: Completion-Wait loop timed out"

    Hey there. So I've been trying to install Ubuntu (full blown linux-noob, but I installed Ubuntu 1 month ago on a notebook without problems and sometimes use tails) yesterday which didn't really work out and today I tried to install Artix instead. Which had similar problems. All I found out...
  5. Z

    can't install distros.(except centos)

    i have tried installing multiple distros be it ubuntu, manjaro, xubuntu, pop_os, fedora off of a usb that works with my pc but none of them install on my laptop. the only linux distribution that i was able to install was centOS but i don't like it. i have a old sony vaio VPCF137HG laptop(it's...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Tried Installing Wireless Package, Still "No WiFi Adapter Found" Error

    I tried installing the right package for my wireless PCI card and I still get the “No WiFi Adapter Found” error. Setup: Memory 11.7 GB Processor Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz * 8 Graphics NVA0 GNOME 3.30.2 Debian GNU/Linux 10.5.0 OS type 64-bit Disk 736.8 GB Network ASUS PCE-AC86 Wireless PCI...
  7. fired-guy

    Can't Boot my Ubuntu Linux

    Hello everyone, I recently decided to change my OS from windows 10 to Ubuntu Linux. I flashed Ubuntu on USB stick and booted from it. It did some file checks and after that I was in the "TRY OR INSTALL UBUNTU" page. Whenever I clicked either of them, my system just hangs and stuck from there. I...
  8. L

    Recover files after installation.

    Hi everyone. Any advice wuth this issue: 1. I had linux zorin installed 2. Certain day boot failed 3. Linux mint was installed 4. After that no further action has been taken Question: What methods or tools could I use to recover the files i had before installing mint? Thanks for your help.