installing linux on external hdd

  1. R

    How to Install Linux Distro on External HDD without the GRUB Boot Menu?

    Greetings, fellow Linux enthusiasts! I am in the process of installing a Linux distro on my external hard drive. I have already installed it and set up the partitions for boot, swap, and root in a virtual machine. Now, my goal is to boot directly into the Linux distro installed on my external...
  2. NickBBB

    I am brand new to Linux.

    I have been wanting to make the switch for years, but honestly, I was one of those ignoramuses that believed Linux would fell more like MS-DOS than windows and it seemed overwhelming. I am by no means ignorant to computer usage in general and have built and fixed/troubleshooted a lot of...
  3. P

    Installing Linux Ubuntu on external HDD

    Hello People, I am new to Linux Os and want to achieve below requirement, I would like to install Ubuntu on external HDD. I have created Linux bootable thumb drive using Ubuntu. I have windows 7 OS already install on my laptop. I have external HDD of segate on which I want to install Linux...