1. ljhwild

    Podman / Docker on Debian Edu - can I set up containers with dedicated network interfaces?

    Dear Community As it's my first post, hello everyone and thanks for having me. I'm an beginner/intermediate Linux user and I'm working on a project that requires me to launch 4 containers, but they need to be seen by the WIFI router as separate machines. I've got usb 4 wlan interfaces and I...
  2. D

    What happened to my interfaces?

    Today while I am online, suddenly internet connection down. I applied all I had in my first ait kit but did not work ! I checked that my usb dongle device is working- at leats seem connected in lsubs. But I could not ifup/ifdown my ethernet interface eth0. I am using static IP since I have...
  3. N

    zget a wget but with a GUI

    Hey Guys! i made a wget with gui You need: zenity and wget Installation: $ wget $ chmod +x zgetBuild $ ./zgetBuild Usage: $ zget
  4. K

    Gesture control & other tablet accessibility tweaks, media renderer

    I've dug out an old cr@ppy x86 tablet (Dell Venue Pro 11) and loaded KDE neon to serve as a Jukebox/presenter on my porch when having friends over. I was using a RasPi before, but this is marginally better. I'm really not expecting much from this device, and it certainly delivers. The...
  5. J

    Linux debian change the config??

    Hello I am supposed to change my internet config in Debian and open the file / etc / network / interfaces. However, this cannot be opened in itself, so I went to the path / etc / network and tried to open interfaces with an editor. It didn't work either. Now I am overwhelmed and need your help...
  6. G

    Kali in text mode only

    i formatted my PC with new iso for kali, when the SO is starting, dont show the interface, is staying in text mode only, and command common is not accepted. What i need do for fix it?
  7. S

    Failed to start Raise network interfaces

    I recently installed Debian and I'm getting the following message at startup: [FAILED] Failed to start Raise network interfaces. See 'systemctl status networking.service' for details. I run that command and I got the following message: ● networking.service - Raise network interfaces...
  8. J

    UDP listen on the secondary interface

    Hi, I want to listen to UDP packets on the secondary interface (my own program, but this is reproducible with netcat as well). I have an ubuntu 16.04.02 LTS system, with 2 different network interfaces: ethernet - 10.x.x.x wifi - 192.168.x.x The routing table is the default one...