1. vs2-free-users

    Generic installation system to provide special versions of debian?

    Hi, currently i install the latest debian to a desktop pc. With no additional packages. Than i dist upgrade to the next testing version of debian. Than i install xfce and my additional programs. Is there a generic system to provide my work as an install iso in a simple way?
  2. B

    [SOLVED] USB controllers breaking.

    I have recently started installing Arco-Linux. this first real experience with GNU/Linux outside of virtual machines (in Virtual Machines everything worked, and still works fine), and I am stuck on burning the ISO file to a USB stick. Every time the burning finishes it fails and my USB...
  3. Z

    backup iso

    Hello Do you know any tool (command line) to create an .iso of your system like this and then be installable? with your users, configuration files... everything In summary, to be able to make backups and in case of loss of data or configurations, install the latest version from an .iso file.
  4. DeletedAccount

    Extraction of source code of an ISO [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone! I’m creating a distro with a program called Respin, which is a remastersys derivative. This only allows you to build an ISO from an existing Debian installation. However I would like to stay true to the GNU/Linux way by including source. I also believe a GPL license and some...
  5. DeletedAccount

    What can and can't Linux Respin Do?

    Hello Linux enthusiasts! Recently I stumbled upon a tool that would let you back up an existing Linux Installation from either Debian or Ubuntu. It is also a fork of remastersys, which has now been deprecated. I thought to myself that I'd love to casually create my own distribution for fun...
  6. L

    How to create Linux USB from ISO in OSX High Sierra?

    Hi, I was struggling to get Rufus to work reliably on Windows 10. It glitched out and made the USB stick unreadable. I then put the USB in my TV and it conveniently reformatted it. It's a bit worrying that Windows 10 could not recover the USB stick. So I thought I'd try to create a USB on my...
  7. R

    Linux no boot after install!

    Hello. I have the motherboard out of an Acer Aspire One Cloudbook I am using for an HTPC. Celeron N3060 2gb LP DDR3 32gb EMMC This system originally had Windows 10 which ran slowly for obvious reasons. I installed Lubuntu which ran fabulously. I wanted to play around with android X86, and I...
  8. Jarret B

    ISO File Manipulation

    The ISO file is a standard (ISO-9660) to store data on optical media. In some cases the image is an exact duplicate of a disk. The data being saved can not only include the files themselves, but the folder structure, attributes of the files and boot information. ISO files usually contain a...