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    Joining Ubuntu to Windows Domain - TSIG Error - Help please!

    Hello, I am quite new to Linux / Ubuntu so please keep answers quite simple! I am testing adding Ubuntu (latest v22) machines to a company windows server 2019 domain. I am setting up the machines with Linux then manually adding to the domain. This looks to be going quite well but have a apparent...
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    Usernames with spaces unable to login to Ubuntu machine joined to Windows AD domain

    We are having an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (server) machine which has been connected to the Windows AD domain. The machine is able to fetch the list of all users in the AD domain using 'getent passwd' command, and our hosts file is configured as below: localhost OurDomainName (our...
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    RedHat Linux VM Domain Joining

    Hi all, I am new to Linux and need some suggestion on Azure Linux VM (RHEL 7.7) domain joining using bash script. I wrote below script for each steps needed to domain join a linux (rhel) vm. The script seems working fine but, as I am new to linux world, I need advise on below steps and I might...