kali 2020.1b

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    PCI Network card on Kali

    Hi everyone. I just installed Kali on my new desktop computer using VMware (as my new SSD hasn't arrived yet). I have my computer connected via ethernet, but I would like to use applications which require wlan0 access, but I am unable to find a way to use my network card. Is there anyone who...
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    Configur wifi adapter for Kali linux

    Hello everyone. I installed kali linux on the Dell 13 that has wifi card Killer 802.11 by default. In the Setting i dont see menu for configuring a Network. I knew it would have happened. So i bought additional USB wifi adapter "AC650 Wireless Dual Bend" that should be compatible with kali, but...
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    Ghost Framework

    Hello I recently discovered ghost framework on Kali Linux. Lately I've been thinking that,if we connect to random ADB(android debug bridge) through Ghost framework and sniff the information (knowing it's illegal!). If the person get to know that we are peeping on this device. Is it possible for...
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    linux mint issue kali linux

    After i installed mate i cant access Application. it just show white black bar.
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    not able to add a new user in kali linux live usb persistance 2020.1b

    whenever i create a new user and reboot it just restores to 1 user only.Rest of the changes i make are saved like files,softwares.
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    WiFi Disabled on Kali Linux 2020.1b

    I've just installed Kali on my laptop. And to my surprise the wifi is disabled on it. Please help someone it's very urgent. Here's an image of right click on "connections" (if that's what it's called) icon on top. And here's an image of left click on the same icon. There's an checkbox which says...
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    Cannot uninstall Lazy script

    I'm using kali2020.1b. I have downloaded the Lscript from git clone on Kali Linux and now cannot uninstall. My issues is uninstall.sh is not highlightned when I go into the Lscript directory. I have attached the screenshot of it. Please help me Thanks in advance, John