kali linux 2022.3

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    Busybox v1.35.0

    downloaded the system as Kali on the hard disk, and after working with it, I entered a command for a few days, and it caused me this problem, and after that I was not accepted by the command. fask And after some meaning, it became clear to me that an order must be used fask.ext4 -nf /dev/sda1...
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    child Process ended before Parent process

    I wrote a code to under stand the work of process by call system call with fork() function Here is this code Here is the out-put: without wait() function it should execute first parent process completely then it execute child process. But here the child process execute first completely...
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    sudo wifite - airmon-ng did not find any wireless interfaces

    Hi so i basically started my kali journey yesterday and i've been breaking my head around getting my wifi to work to properly run Wifite but it keeps registering my Wifi as a tethered Ethernet connection (does not even register as ethernet when put in to below settings). Already changed my...