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    Linux kernel module

    I am trying to make linux kernel module to read two files and match data between them. I am unable to do so because of syntax as well as header library problems. Can you please provide me a code which can help me to complete this task ASAP.
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    CPU Context Info required

    I am running Linux Kernel Version 2.6.35 on single core PowerPC. To debug the behavior of some user/application programs running on my system, I need a software that can tell me information about the trace of processes running on CPU and when/how they are switched and which new process takes the...
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    Building New Linux Kernel for my Mobile and RP3

    Hello Experts Please can you guide me how to choose the latest kernel, integrate with ARM based Android mobile, compile and flash into the mobiles. I have a rooted Samsung phone. 2. I also need to build linux kernel and flash into Rasberry 3, instead of Noobs which is provided off the shelf...
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    printf("Hello World!\n");

    Hey all, A few things about me: I've been using Linux for 15 years or so I'm a software developer (for Nagios) I love helping people learn new, fun, and important skills Glad to be here, and I hope to be of use in some fashion or another. My goals are learning more about kernel module...