1. C

    LAMP on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    Installed LAMP on 20.04 and it worked for many months. Suddenly there is no response from the server,,,remotely from a Mac system using Safari or input locally as localhost with Firefox. Going through the install steps again shows everything as already installed and the most current versions of...
  2. S

    LAMP, all sites secure but / is not [Resolved]

    I have set up and am running 4 different servers for clients and myself, three Debian 11 and one Ubuntu 20.04. I thought I set them all the same, but one of the Debian servers shows not secure when going to All my other sites are secure; I have a wildcard cert installed...
  3. carlarogers

    Something Like .profile or .bashrc Inside chroot

    I have been running Linux, mostly Debian, as part of my job for a few years, but I am not formally trained in the system. I have setup chrooted directories a few different ways. They seem to be functioning the way they are supposed to. Unfortunately, there is a basic requirement I am stumped...