1. Z

    Deleted manjaro partition from windows now cant access any OS

    Hi everybody, i recently downloaded manjaro to learn how to code but i was going to get ubuntu after i learned that arch doesn't run on amd cpu's very well, so i deleted my manjaro partition on windows and rebooted, after i got the error-(error: no such partition, entering rescue mode... grub...
  2. M

    Black screen on startup

    I am trying to install a Linux Mint on my new laptop from a usb. It is an Alienware m18 r1 with 32 gigs of ram. However, when I attempt to boot it up, it goes to a black screen with an unblinking line and will not go foreward from there.
  3. L

    WIFI connection slow - what to do?

    Hi A few months back I installed on my almost 10 year old laptop Linux Mint. Everything worked great until recently, maybe 1 or 2 months, my browsers are extremely laggy, chrome and firefox. My wifi connection disconnects and reconnects several times within an hour. Videos take forever to play...
  4. D

    My laptop Dell Inspiron 3542(i3 4th gen) is not shutting down completely.

    Laptop is not shutting down Completely in any linux distro but it shutdown in windows 10. My laptop is Dell Inspiron 3542, core i3 4th gen. First what happening when I power off by shutdown button in menu or using cli, laptop disconnect every peripheral devices, lcd goes off as normal shutdown...
  5. rdfrkian

    Solved Acer Inspire One D257 (which flavor?)

    I've come into possession of an Acer Inspire One D257 "laptop". In quotes, bc it's really, really small. It has an Intel Atom N570 1.66ghz processor. 16gb memory 1mb L2 cache. It had Windows 7 "starter" whatever that is. Windows would load to the login screen, but of course I had no login...
  6. Haui111

    Which version of Mint for ASUS X59SR Notebook?

    I crammed out the old stuff folks! :) My oldest notebook is still working. It has been used for gaming (minecraft when it was new), office work and other things and it survived with no damage. Just the battery is dead so I threw it away. Since it used to server me well but still has windows 7...
  7. S

    Hello, I would like to make sure that this Laptop supports Fedora.

    Hello, I would like to make sure that this Laptop supports Fedora. I found out that it only had RHEL and Ubuntu Certification (, but not Fedora. So my question is will Fedora 100% work on it without any problems...
  8. A

    Solved Guidance to buy new (refurbished) Dell Laptop

    Hi Everyone, Currently running a MacAir (13) 2015 with Linux Mint for my daily computer. Love LINUX also have a Desktop that works amazing that I built for the wife. My current laptop however, is starting to freeze up when opening multiple windows and the back lit keyboard a lo of the keys are...
  9. D

    Ancient outdated custom gentoo install (set up by my dead partner). Not done with, but laptop exploded (Thinkpad T410), SSD fine. Get "new" T410, or?

    [ I just posted this to the gentoo forums Not sure when/if I'll get an answer there, and not sure if anyone here is likely to know any helpful details on this... But I figured I should just go ahead and post a copy here anyway, just in...
  10. BarriBurt

    Framework 16 pre-orders open No, they're not paying me, but maybe they should! If you're not familiar, it's a relatively new brand targetting a niche - upgradeable (even as far as generational mainboard upgrades), easily repairable laptops. The 16" laptop is their 2nd model, with a GPU module...
  11. D

    Solved Laptop keeps freezing

    A problem is that laptop keeps freezing. Usually it happens when the google chrome (or brave or firefox) browser is opened and I don't do anything (I am not touching the laptop). It has never happened while I was using the laptop (typing or using touchpad). By freezing I mean it stops...
  12. U

    Dummy Output - OMEN by HP Laptop 16-k0061tx (Ubuntu22.04)

    Hello. I installed Ubuntu to my OMEN PC and everything goes well except one thing. I have a problem similar to this post( but I'm using Ubuntu. My Output Device is 'dummy output' and Input Device is none...
  13. leny

    Cannot install linux on Aspire 5100 [SOLVED]

    Hello all, I've already given up my old Acer Aspire 5100 few times, but everytime I'm ready to dump it I decide to try again, because I don't understand why I cannot get this old laptop to work with a very light Ubuntu distro or something. It's a AMD Turion 62 X2 Mobile Tl-50, 64b, 1.75GB RAM...
  14. P

    Sound card recommendations for laptops?

    I got a new laptop (Thinkpad) and I'm thinking of getting an external soundcard for editing audio and producing music. It's been many years since I bought audio gear so I'm wondering what you'd recommend. I primarily just want something to process the audio, but inputs for recording and output...
  15. super_user_do

    Good Linux Convertible Laptop

    Hello everybody I need a laptop for uni/work and super lightweight gaming (rocket league, Minecraft, LoL) and I would love to use Linux on it. I've seen some people using Surface laptops with full touch capabilities and the pen but I'm not sure what to get and I don't know if there are better...
  16. super_user_do

    32bit Linux

    Are still there any user friendly 32bit Linux distros? ZorinOS will drop out the 32bit support and my grandfather is still using a 32bit Laptop lol
  17. C

    My computer freezes randomly.

    I have an EVOO-EVC156-1 laptop. Every time I boot on arch, the system just freezes at random times and ignores all input, which consequently leads to me having to perform a force shutdown. If when the freeze occurs audio is playing, the second or so of the audio, before freeze, keeps repeating...
  18. Confused_nerd

    Need suggestion buying laptop.

    (Sorry if this thread doesn't belong here, I didn't know where else to post this.) So I have been presented with an opportunity to buy a laptop, and considering I will be using this machine for at least the next 4 years, I don't want to screw this up. Hence, I am looking for suggestions. Some...
  19. T

    Laptop (No gap between keys)

    I noticed most laptops have a gap between keys. I am looking for one which does not. It also has to be 64-bit and either Windows 10/8/7 or Mac OS X 10.14 or later.
  20. U

    Linux is stuck on background [POP-OS_21.04] [CLOSED]

    OS-Name Pop OS OS-Version 21.04 Problem Stuck on background screen. I have the top bar with; WIFI, volume and power but that's it.