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  1. J


    Hi I'm inastall Linux (last version) my icon and font and all is show a very big and that s not ok and very bad I'm go to display setting but my resolution is just on 480p how I can fix it. I'm from Iran and my English is very bad I'm sorry for wrong in my text
  2. S

    Recent Libre Office Update

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to Linux and on my Linux Mint 18.3, my new update for Linux Office is still only showing 5.1.62. Does this mean the new version hasn't installed correctly? because I thought the new Libre Office was 6. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. L

    Antergos Metamorphosis

    Does anyone know when my Antergos Budgie will turn into an Arch Cuckatoo or better still, a Galah?