latte dock

  1. D

    How to Start Latte Dock Automatically on Each Reboot?

    Using Feren OS hassium with KDE plasma version 5.24.3 and the Latte Dock on Desktop. Seems like after an Update, Latte dock stopped starting up on each reboot, even though the settings are enabled (see screenshot). How to enable it? Is there a cronjob that I can add, as a terminal command, to...
  2. Lobo1980

    [SOLVED] Can't install Plank or Latte docks on Artix

    Hello guys this is my first post. I'm trying to install a dock on Artix but I can't. After a long research I found that it may be because I have not enable the community repository on /etc/pacman.conf But trying to enable it I found that [community] repository does not appear at all. sudo...