1. D

    [newbie] How to replace #!/usr/bin/env python3 with #!/usr/bin/ python3

    (If you don't feel like reading so much text I've bolded my actual question at the end of this thread) (btw. Sorry for the - probably - weird gramatical context sometimes, Dutch is my mother language, English isn't) Hi all, I'm new here in this forum & the title of my issue is just a small part...
  2. S

    Recent Libre Office Update

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to Linux and on my Linux Mint 18.3, my new update for Linux Office is still only showing 5.1.62. Does this mean the new version hasn't installed correctly? because I thought the new Libre Office was 6. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Phylly

    Trouble with LibreOffice page numbering

    Hello. I have Linux Mint 17.3 "Rosa", and LibreOffice for document work, and am having trouble with LibreOffice page numbering. I am helping my husband write a novel. In doing so, I have typed a Title page, Table of Contents, and 364 pages of content. When I first typed the MS, I had enabled the...
  4. Rob

    LibreOffice Mascot competition

    LibreOffice is looking for a mascot and you could be the creator of it! In their announcement, they mention some of the popular mascots out there, like Java's Duke, the SUSE Geeko, and KDE's Konqui. They'd like to have their own mascot as well, which should also be able to fill you with...