linux install on laptop

  1. M

    Cant connect Brother printer :(

    Hi everyone, and thanks to the admin for making this site/forum possible. I've installed zorin os and set most things up like browser bookmarks, Passwords, wireless keyboard, mouse, etc... BUT the printer omfg it does not matter what i do, the printer will not connect to the computer even tho...
  2. D

    Installing Linux on a Samsung 500t, xe500t1c model.

    Hello people of technology, I need help! I have an old Samsung 500t xe500t1c model, and I want to install a Linux distribution. Specifications: I know how to create a bootable USB pendrive with a Linux...
  3. I

    Why does my computer overheat and drain the battery when I am using Windows rather than Linux?

    Good day Everyone! I notice that when I use Linux (Ubuntu), my computer heats up when I am doing normal tasks like web browsing or searching for files. I also notice that my computer drains the battery. When I have Linux on my system, I usually shut it down at night, but then when I turn it on...
  4. talhakammybond

    Should I full install Linux on a USB?

    Hi! I just posted to know about experiences on installing Linux on a USB drive. I have a laptop for medium range gaming but the only problem is that the HDD is corrupt so I just want to use ROBLOX and for learning. Kindly reply so I can do that and will post my tests. :)
  5. E

    How to install???

    Hello I'm new to Linux that level that I even don't know what should I do before installing linux, and how and from where I'll have to install Linux. The second question is that where should I learn how to use linux. I want to install Linux for more comfortable programming. Please answer my...
  6. M

    unmount error on linux installation

    I have an Asus GL503GE laptop {128gb M.2 ssd C:drive} {500gb sata ssd D:drive} I tried installing Manjaro as well as popOS. during the install boot from usb stick I always get some unmount error and the installation fails. On pop OS : [FAILED] Failed unmounting cdrom.mount...
  7. K

    Running Linux on an Win 10 MSI gaming laptop

    I rarely use Windows in the last 10 years, but I needed a new laptop and the options were limited. I found one i liked, decent specs Win Home 10 64 bit (would prefer Pro w/ rem desktop) T8750 I7 8th gen 6 core 16GB RAM 256GB SSD M.2/NVME slot 1TB HD 1050Ti 4GB DDR5 15.6" IPS 1920x1080...