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    Issues with Installing Linux on MacBook Air 2019: No WiFi, Keyboard, or Touchpad

    Hello everyone, I am currently facing some challenges with my MacBook Air 2019 when trying to install various Linux distributions. Here are the specs of my device: Model: MacBook Air 2019 Processor: 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Storage: 128GB RAM: 8GB Graphics: Intel UHD I've attempted to...
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    ""solved"" Can’t install Linux Ubuntu

    Hello I installed Linux Ubuntu next to Linux Manjaro but when I trying to login in Linux Ubuntu I have message: error: no such device: 9d6b3069-5424-40c1-b37d-e8bfe055bde9. error: file "/boot/vmlinuz-5.8.0-53-generic " error not found: you need to load the kernel first. Press any key to...