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linux mint

  1. U

    Solved Linux Mint Questions

    I currently use Debian 12.5 with XFCE as my primary computer and I think its great. I have an extra computer in which I installed MX Linux earlier this week just to try it out. Its a very slick looking OS and runs nicely on my i3. I want to try out Linux Mint but I read its a lot heavier than...
  2. rialbbe

    New to Linux

    As I test Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Linux Mint, KDE Neon, Zorin, MX, Chrome, Fedora, Elementary and BIG LINUX. Surprisingly , the easiest are 1 Big Linux, 2 Chrome and 3 Linux Mint. This test are not done with me but with my elementary / primary students during my computer class. Chrome they are just...
  3. B

    Can't detect my nvme SSD on Linux mint edge boot usb

    need help installing linux on my thinkpad E14 I have a lenovo thinkpad e14 gen 5 amd and it has win 11 on the main 500 gb ssd.. i installed a secondary 1 tb nvme ssd and im using that to install mint on so i can duel boot but have each os on thier own ssd.. when i go to install mint from...
  4. Haui111

    Which version of Mint for ASUS X59SR Notebook?

    I crammed out the old stuff folks! :) My oldest notebook is still working. It has been used for gaming (minecraft when it was new), office work and other things and it survived with no damage. Just the battery is dead so I threw it away. Since it used to server me well but still has windows 7...
  5. T4B

    Transitioning from Windows to Linux Mint

    I recently made the switch from Windows to Linux Mint on my laptop, and I've been having a pretty smooth experience so far. However, I must admit that I'm used to the convenience of Windows, where I could simply download an .exe file, install it, and start using the software. Now that I'm on...
  6. tinfoil-hat

    Windows VM doesn't output sound on Hostmachine

    Hi there, I am using virtmanager with Linuxmint. The sounddriver I configured is ICH9: My XML is: <domain xmlns:qemu="http://libvirt.org/schemas/domain/qemu/1.0" type="kvm"> <name>win10</name> <uuid>a309192d-83f1-4990-99be-fa4f51c9cc04</uuid> <metadata> <libosinfo:libosinfo...
  7. L

    Solved Weird Wifi Problem !! Linux 21.1

    So My hostel's wifi has firewalls, basically "" This is default route of it. Randomly it gets changed into and internet goes off. I tried to fix my bssid,macaddress from network settings as well as i tried to put default routes etc from setting. still facing same problem...
  8. W

    What is the best Linux OS for a computer with AMD APU prosessor

    My computer is having issues with Windows 10 a little, and it's specs are: CPU: AMD A8-3870 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics × 4 GPU: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Sumo [Radeon HD 6550D] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller]) RAM: 8gb With only 3gb usable This post was made on Linux Mint Live...
  9. E

    'user ... is not allowed to execute .... as root on ... ' - even with SUDO privileges but not sure why?

    I am in the processing of installing singularity using the terminal on my Linux Mint computer (Ubuntu). I have the following command: install apt get The computer then asks me to enter my password: [sudo] password for user: When I enter my password, the computer gives me the error: user...
  10. chips

    After installing Linux Mint, the boot menu does not appear and I cannot boot the Windows/Linux Mint.

    hello first of all, I would like to say that I am very sad and disappointed because I installed linux. After installing Linux Mint, it asked me to restart, and then the boot menu did not appear, only a screen called BOOT MENU. Even though I select all of them one by one, nothing changes, I can...
  11. L

    Is my harddrive dying? initramfs(SOLVED)

    hello I have been running Linux Mint 20 on my Laptop for about a year. The laptop is about 7 years old, it was a windows laptop before. A few months ago, it always showed the "initramfs". With little research I was able to fix this booting problem "fsck". It worked well. But in the last few...
  12. Ant-Eye-Matter

    Grub Hates Me.

    I've been installing as many distros as I can on an old laptop of mine. After about three operating systems, Grub starts imploding. I've topped out at 4. Is there an alternative to Grub that I can use to fix this?
  13. loubard

    Keyboard doesn't stop repeating letters when I press Ctrl key (linux mint)

    Hello everybody! May God bless you abundantly. I have a problem with my keyboard. Today, the keyboard started to press touches itself with repetition after using the Ctrl key. When I press for example a touchs like "w" before pressing Ctrl, it becomes to repeat "w" until I press another key...
  14. T

    Crashes almost every day on two machines, three distros and four WMs/DEs

    Hi all, I come here hoping to find out what's going wrong with my PC. It crashes almost every day, unpredictably (not obviously load-related) and the only symptoms are repeating one to two seconds of audio if music or a video was playing and a total freeze requiring a reboot. This has happened...
  15. I

    Help needed.

    Hello, I have installed a copy of Linux mint onto an external 1tb hard drive. Made by Seagate. I can boot into the hard drive on the pc I used to install it to the external hard drive. But I plugged the hard drive into another computer but it does not show up on my boot list. I disabled secure...
  16. G

    Device For Bootloader Installation(Disk or Efi partition?)

    I'm new to Linux Mint. In Linux Mint,at Installer partition manager,there is "Device for bootloader installation.I'm not sure which is the correct one to fill in the space,disk device or efi (ESP)partition. After reading a few posts on this subject matter,there is conflicting advice & no...
  17. B

    What Linux distribution is best suited for Ansible AWX?

    I´ve got 3 options to work with as controller: -LinuxMint -Rocky -Redhat I like Ubuntu based distributions and if it possible I prefer go with LlinuxMint (Probably not best suited for Ansible AWX, but I wanna know for sure) Really appreciate your answer and experience
  18. L

    Not able to install GRUB to /dev/sda (LinuxMintXFCE20.2)

    hi I installed linux mint with a cd on the laptop and the installation process was almost done and then I got this error message(translated from german, I am german): "Not able to install GRUB to /dev/sda. " And then there was a dropdown menu where I could install it somewhere else, but I...
  19. N

    Can't choose between distros

    So I'm thinking about switching from Windows to Linux and I'm searching for distributions. Currently I have checked out Linux mint but then I found Zorin OS so I'm so confused what distro am I supposed to pick. I'm also worried about my PC specs. It's Amd Ryzen 5, GTX 1050. I tried out live...
  20. K

    Unable to acess bios screen

    I was trying to install a newer version of Linux Mint from a USB Stick. Linux Mint 19.2 to Linux Mint 20.2. I was unable to upgrade using the update manager, so burned an ISO to a USB Stick. No matter what I do, I am unable to access the bios screen. I believe I have UEFI on this PC. I...