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    Here's a Link to Our Dedicated "Linux Funny" Page
  2. D

    Solved Tuxbot, What Happens to the Linux Kernel if the Linux Foundation Ceases to Exist?

    I asked this question to other users in the past, but I wanted to get your input on it While I'm not going to deny the achievements the Linux Foundation has made for Linux itself in the last several years (as there has been plenty of them), I will agree that it does have some guilt of being a...
  3. A

    External NVMe slow once?

    I’ve bought an external NVMe and the first time I’ve tried to copy a (large) folder it was super slow. I’ve immediately thought of some defects but smartctl doesn’t report anything wrong, then I’ve tried again to copy (multiple times) the same folder and other files and now it’s super fast as...
  4. D

    A Response to DT's Recent Video While I'm nowhere near as experienced in Linux as he is, he does make some points I found interesting, such as a lack of customization (something I've experienced in Mint XFCE). Because of that, I wish I was a Linux user in the early days of...
  5. T

    How can I design and implement a secure wireless network?

    Hi, I am writing a bachelor thesis on "Wireless Network Security", I need to design and implement a secure wireless network that contains various security measures such as strong passwords, encryption, firewalls and access control policies and then test the security of the network using...
  6. abrahimzaman360

    Removing Wireless Kernel Driver

    Device Specs: I've Installed a Wireless Driver using dkms but I Want to Remove Older How to Do So. I see 2 wifi devices in control panel. Thanks <:
  7. L

    Hello, a question on Linux Certification

    To be more precise - about Advanced Level Certification. I've just successfully passed my LFCS (Linux Foundation) certification. Now I'd like to get something more advanced in this area. Until May 2022 Linux Foundation had LFCE (Linux Engineer), but now it seems they've gotten rid of it with no...
  8. F

    Use phone as gamepad

    Can anybody please tell me about any software which can make my android phone a gamepad for linux mint, like droidjoy is available on windows only. Please help.
  9. J

    How to change the integrated graphics to external graphics?

    Recently I have installed the Ubuntu Studio on my computer, but I wound't able to install the AMD drivers to my computer. And my computer is running with the integrated Intel graphics and my AMD graphic card is obsolete on my PC. I need to: 1 - Install AMD graphics drivers 2 - Change the...
  10. E

    How to print /etc/passwd in different output?

    i would like to write a script that prints /etc/passwd as this output: root daemon bin sys … x x x x 0 1 1 2 root daemon bin sys first line has all user accounts in same row second line has all encrypted passwords (x) in same row third line has all user ids in same row and etc…
  11. E

    How to list all files and directories that have the maximum number of the same inode number?

    how to list all files and directories that have the maximum number of the same inode number in the home directory? for example: inode file/directory name 112233 file1 112233 myfile 112233 myDocs 345566 Docs 345566 Downloads then it should print /home/sysadmin/file1 /home/sysadmin/myfile...
  12. S

    I need a stable Linux distro

    I need a Linux distribution with these specifications: intel i3 3220 :( 4 GB Ram also for programming.
  13. B

    Print WiFi-Scan result to apache webpage

    Dear comm, i want to scan for wifi-networks by using a html button & want to print the result to webpage, i would be grateful for a quick reply, greetz, blackleakz
  14. B

    Modify netinstaller to install basic system

    Hello, I am a student and I am working on a personal project. I should modify the debian netinstaller iso to not download from the mirror but instead automatically proceed with all packages and configurations it has and install a very basic system. It shouldn't ask the user for a mirror...
  15. M

    Ubuntu slow

    Some days ago I updated my os from 20.0.4 but after sometimes I noticed my system git slower and it's always hanging
  16. D

    Linux in Pop Culture

    Its a cool feeling when you see or hear a specific distro being mentioned in pop culture, because it encourages people to try it out, while promoting Linux as a whole and the principles of FOSS. There are a few links I found that talk about this (albeit a bit old): Here's Canonical talking...
  17. J

    Tor browser not launching after installation on Kali

    Hello World, This happen to be my first post to this community. Any help is much appreciated. I did install both tor and torbrowser-launcher on my machine, but when I tried to run the command "torbrowser-launcher", it shows the small dialog box saying installing and verifying signature, then I...
  18. B

    System does not reboot after injecting uncorrectable PCIE errors via aer-inject

    CPU info : root@node:~# cat /sys/devices/cpu/caps/pmu_name broadwell Architecture: x86_64 CPU op-mode(s): 32-bit, 64-bit Byte Order: Little Endian Address sizes: 46 bits physical, 48 bits virtual CPU(s)...
  19. S

    New BitLocker key id generated and not saved while in Linux! - locked out of Windows! - Plus need back Linux boot entry option!

    I had previously set up dual boot linux-windows OS two years and also had bitlocker on to encrypt windows C drive which I should not have needed to I think. All was fine that time since I had keys saved to ms account (I had set bitlocker key to save to ms) that worked! But yesterday I logged...
  20. Mihaienjoyslinux

    Favourite Linux distro

    So guys I want to know what’s are your favourite linux distros, so let me know it :D